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Fab Five Friday(sorry late)

Hey there – I completely forgot to post this yesterday… but here it is the week’s fab five…


1 – Dr. Seuss quote – My oldest daughter’s school had a Dr. Seuss reading night this week and the quote was on the wall..I’m sure I will use it at some point as my motivation/wisdom post but just remember you need to stay true to yourself!

2 & 3 – Random Rings – I have two presentations this coming week at a local math conference (Yes I’m a math person).. and with me losing weight I need to purchase some new clothes.. While shopping at a local consignment store I saw these rings.  I really want to buy the owl one but where would I wear it?

4 – Bunny Wreath – went to Michaels to return things we didn’t use for the v-day party and spotted this as coming in — I just think it cute to form a decoration using semi-earthy materials for a bunny… gave me some ideas for a potential greeting card this holiday…

5 – Taco Punk Tacos – So we were in Louisville last night and I have been missing some of the restaurants here..which include Taco Punk so I just had to pick me up a platter to eat.  They have a seasonal veggie mole (one on right) and then special Amberjack taco(left) which was SOOO good and then partner it with their guac…

Well I have tons of studying to do and head back on the road so random thoughts later…


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