Motivation & Wisdom

Motivational Mondays – life lessons


Hope you have had a good day so far – the stomach bug has reached our home – ugghhh thankfully I’m not sick yet.  So this motivational picture awhile back and was waiting for the proper moment.  As I sit here working on homework I thought how fitting – although I had a good first semester I realized there were somethings I needed to change so I could potentially earn all A’s.  The lesson learned was to not procrastinate and work on assignments daily so that has been my mission, but all the blows I’ve experienced lately have made it difficult (losing pet, sick children).  I’m in the middle since have quite a few weeks left in the semester… so I’m determined that this to will pass and the future lesson will work out great!

Honestly this doesn’t just apply to me academically but on all aspects of my life — how about you?


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