What’s Cooking: Baked Egg rolls, Greek Meatballs, and Taco Pot Pie

Did quite a bit of cooking this week — my one night class is in the “online phase” till April.. we tried some new recipes and then some repeats…

Taco Pot Pie – We typically eat tacos every week so I’m really trying to try new “Mexican” style dishes to add variety.  I saw this on Plain Chicken and had to try it — well mine looks nothing like hers for I didn’t pull the dough up far enough… but it still tasted good.. My youngest had only cheese will me and the oldest had black beans with taco seasoning.  Definitely something I will try again and pay attention to how I pull up the dough.

Baked Veggie Egg Rolls – We also seem to like “Asian” style food which gets expensive going to a buffet since I like variety.  I knew how to make veggie lo main and fried rice so wanted to try my own version of egg rolls.  I got the wrappers from a local Asian market and just put savoy cabbage and carrots inside…this recipe was my guidance.  Hmmm they tasted okay but nothing like what I get at a restaurant… I will definitely make again but going to try different vegetables and figure out way to make crispier.

Greek Pasta with Meatballs – This was valentine’s dinner with a side of green beans.  I seen the recipe in the Cooking Light Ultimate Kid-Approved Cookbook and wanted to try it… lamb meatballs rather than turkey.  My oldest didn’t like them but my youngest did… not sure if I will make it again but I can at least say I tried.  I didn’t put crumbled feta cheese like the recipe for I knew they wouldn’t like it so I used shredded parmesan instead.

I can honestly say I haven’t planned our menu for this coming week but plan on doing so later tonight.. What have you been cooking?

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