Fab Findings

Fab Five Friday

20130215-195739.jpgIt’s Friday… I didn’t really get to leave the house this week for my youngest had the stomach virus — EWWW.. and then my car got sick so I’m very grateful that I had items from last week to use for my Fab Five…

1- Frog Yoga  – I saw a selection of these doing different poses at the grocery store.  Stopped me dead in my tracks.. Isn’t it cute.. I’m hoping they still have them when I go next week for I want to get one as a gift for a person that I know loves frogs and peaceful moments.

2- Birds in Flight Sculpture – I run at the local arboretum and this is one of the great views I get to see… I’m sure as the weather gets nicer I will have other sculptures part of my Fab Five.

3 – Be Yourself  – cute little wall quote with a chair.  Focus on being yourself and nobody else for they are busy being themselves.  I firmly believe we are all uniquely made and should love ourselves and what we bring to a table!

4 – Heart cookie – I checked out a local co-op and got the girls each a heart cookie.. it was so cute that I had to take a picture before I ate it.  Fitting with this being Valentines week.

5 – Old Letters – I plan on working on the girls scrapbooks these next couple of weekends focusing on baby pictures and I knew some of my oldest pics were in a different storage container.. while searching I came across all my old letters with friends, family, and old loves.  I sat here reading through a few of them..wow it reminded me of things I completely forgot happened in my life…great memories 🙂

I hope you all had a great week and I’ll post more later.




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