What’s Cooking: Bacon Egg Muffins, Open Faced Tacos, and Broccoli Cheese Potatoes

It’s been snowing here in Lexington – LOVE IT!  Although I’m a fan of warm beach-like weather.. every now and then I just want to play in the snow.  The girls have spent the morning playing and are now warming up to a good cup of apple cider(instant)…

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to post a “What’s cooking” last weekend but trust me I will remake the meals again for the girls seemed to like them.  This week I fixed

20130202-115008.jpg1.  Broccoli & Cheese Stuffed Potatoes – I’ve made this side item before but it had fattening ranch dressing in the mix.  I saw a different recipe using sour cream in my Cooking Light The Ultimate Kid-ApprovedCookbook.  I only mixed butter, broccoli, and sour cream with the potato and it still tasted good (I waited and put the cheese on top).  Little K was her typical picky eater and barely ate any of it BUT Big K loved it.  I served it with lemon chicken for the girls so I can see trying it again with some baked fish.


2. Open Faced Tacos – YUM these were good and a different way to eat a taco – thanks Plain Chicken for the idea.  So took my normal black beans, put on a tortilla, topped with some mexican cheese, and baked.  Once the tortillas were a little crispy topped with some lettuce/tomatoes/salsa/sour cream.  The girls LOVED them but I had to cut the tortilla so they could eat  — they wanted to fold it 🙂

20130202-115016.jpg3. Twist on Bacon & Egg Muffin Cups – In the summer I tried to make a breakfast muffin that I had seen in a magazine that used cornmeal… it was a failure.. SO thought I would try a different one which was an ultimate SUCCESS!  I found various recipes but then saw one from The Daily Dish Recipes.  I made some variations to the recipe – used turkey bacon, cinnamon raisin bread, and for the girls only egg whites (I don’t understand how they aren’t fans of the yolk).  I just want to say the muffins were freaking good – this was a moment that I wished for a 12 cup muffin pan so that we had more than two person.. but that might of been too many eggs for us:)  You can best believe I will be making this again with some variations like regular bread or mixing the eggs first.

This coming week I’m going to try a bean taco dip for super bowl sunday and pushed the alfredo to this week since didn’t get to make it.  I might try a new breakfast meal OR use one we’ve done before since the valentine party is next weekend.

So what are you cooking?


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