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Tuesday Tip – Just Keep Swimming

SO I’ve been feeling a tad bit overwhelmed with class readings/writings, work, and kiddos.. that posting became low on the list of things to do… As I said in a post last week – this is going to be an INTENSE semester.. Not only will I have my normal course work, but I will also have work for a research project I’ll be starting soon…

This morning as I was getting ready and hadn’t woken up early like I intended to do so I could crank out some reading and make a card to mail… The phrase came to my mind – Just Keep Swimming — don’t give up and push through this rough moment… I truly believe that when you are juggling things such as doctoral school and basic life you have to do this – press towards your goal no matter what is thrown at you.

Just as the phrase popped in my mind I remembered it was from Nemo.. Dora the fish… Here is the clip(thanks YouTube).

I’m off to take a nap so that I can be focused for my readings/writings for classes…


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