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Fab Five Fridays

20130125-222159.jpgIt is late Friday but I still wanted to get my post up…We went to a basketball game and I’ve been running around like a chicken with their head cut off… I’m going to a dance with a friend  tomorrow so I wanted to work on getting accessories for the dress as well try to get coursework done…

So here are my Fab Five

1- Unique Throw pillows – While looking for fabric for an upcoming project (see #5) I came across these two pillows.  They are designed and retailed at The Rag Peddler which is located here in Lexington, KY.  I have to say the canvas material flag pillow is my favorite but I so wouldn’t have anywhere to put in my home.  The ROAD pillow is part of their Transit pillow collections.

2 – Be the change quote  – Walking in Meijers and saw this quoted plaque about change – “Be The Change You Wish to See in the World” by Gandhi.  Hmmmm will have to use this in one of my motivation/wisdom posts soon…

3 – Vintage Valentine – Few weeks back when I was at local antique show I saw this vintage valentine.  I think it is so adorable.. and I might just have to make a trip to the Feb show and buy them to recycle into a card….

4 – Love grow framed quote art – Another neat find while walking in Meijers… A framed image with the quote – “may your love grow sending roots deep and branches high to the heavens”.. totally makes me think about my current challenge and self-love journey.  You have to be deeply rooted to blossom in to your beautiful masterpiece.  For me that means I have to grow deeper in love with myself and God.. Once I’m there I’m grounded and a thriving person.. as well my fruit (aka harvest) is a blessing to myself and others.

5 – Vintage Laundry room decor – So I’ve been SEARCHING for fabric to utilize in my laundry room decorations… wanted a vintage air about it BUT haven’t had any luck at all.. So made a visit to Rag Peddler Fabric today and looked at their samples and available fabric and the fabric you see spoke to me.. I wanted a bright cottage like feel to the room and this will definitely do it… AS well my vintage iron finally arrived — I found it on ebay and just LOVE the handle… So the mission for next weekend is to begin decorating the room with the help of my dad…TRUST me when it is partially ready I will post before/after pictures… planning on February being the month to reveal..

Hopefully you enjoyed my fab five for the week… I’m off to do some school stuff..


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