Motivation & Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom – Know who you are

Know Who You are
The wisdom of the week hit home as I’m going through the Thirty Days of Love Challenge.  You have to really love yourself to prevent frustration from opinions of others.  Ironically in my Motivation class we are talking about how people desire recognition from others no matter the form.. Well I for one try my hardest not to base my life on what others think of me.. try to go with my own beat of the drum BUT every now and then I do desire other’s recognition.. But the statement is true — it comes with time and understanding of who you are.  It took me some time to grasp this BUT you really can’t expect others to love/respect you if you don’t love/respect yourself.

Are you taking time to fall in love with yourself?  I can say I’m enjoying my self-love journey and look forward to what this quest reveals..

I’m not going to post a card today and I will admit I haven’t done a posting these past couple of days… assignment readings/writings have taken over.. but I plan on making some cards tomorrow night so be ready for my last rush of LOVE cards…


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