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Thursday Tip – Leave a Note


I’m all about making memories for my girls.  Memories come in various forms like vacations, birthdays, or just special moments.  When my oldest daughter started kindergarten every now and then I would leave a note in her lunchbox.  Nothing major just a short comment like “Have a good day”, “Keep up the good work”, or  “I Love You”.

So my tip for this week is to just leave your loved ones a note every now and then.  Although I’m doing this for my kiddos, I know grown-ups like getting notes as well for I LOVED getting random notes from an ex.  Additionally with people consumed with the internet and smartphones, a handwritten note is a fabulous way to brighten someone’s day!

The idea of “love notes” popped in my head while I was making cards for the “Thirty Days of Love Challenge”… so the set of three notes pictured were created.    From this perspective I realize how much I love doing memorable things for my girls often… I don’t need a holiday to show how much they mean to me!

Have a great day!


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