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Wednesday Wisdom – It’s amazing what a child can teach you.

What a busy day with school work and preparing to cook dinner – I’m so ready to go to bed. But can’t cause I have some reading before class… While working on homework I saw this on my facebook and knew it was perfect for the weekly wednesday wisdom.  It is so true our children are the best teachers  because of their innocence, free-will, and love for fun.  In my opinion the toddler/pre-school years are the best ones even though they make you want to pull your hair out (at least mine 3 year old is making me) but that’s when they truly explore and ask questions.

Thirty Days of Love – Day 8

20130116-172719.jpgWith my classes being in FULL swing I can’t but talk on my love for knowledge and gaining more.  Gosh look at how long I’ve been in school — professional student.  Thankfully I can say that after this degree I’m done and my quest for knowledge will be from a different perspective.  The card posted on the etsy site is another artistic card of a woman in a peaceful state.  I just LOVE this card and hope it blesses the recipient like it did while I was making it.  Remember how I love to doodle – well it is fun drawing on thin handmade paper which is what I did for this card.




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