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Try It Tuesday – Bling Ring

20130115-220909.jpg 20130115-225541.jpg

Since I’m constantly finding ideas while reading blogs or searching on pinterest. I thought how about posting things you’ve tried for maybe others would like to try them. SO I will try to weekly post something I’ve replicated or a brand new idea for you to try.. The next couple of “try its” will be valentine/love related so let’s kick it off with the Bling Ring which I came across while on Pinterest (it’s on my valentines party board).. and is a tutorial provided on the MomOnTimeout blog.

It actually is quick just have to be careful with how tight you twist the pipe cleaners — REMEMBER it will be fitting on a child’s finger. Now I substituted Peppermint Bark Bells rather than kisses since all holiday candy is totally cheap in the clearance section – We got our bag for $.25 at local grocery store.

I think they are SO cute and we even deviated by making them be raised up similar to a flower. If we weren’t doing these for my daughter’s family valentine party, I could definitely make them as valentine cards and put a little tag saying “Here some bling for you sweet thing”.. I hope it isn’t a coined phrase.

Thirty Days of Love Challenge – Day 7


Love wasn’t on my mind today for I was consumed with assistantship work and course work.. BUT as I posted the card for today I realized how I’m grateful God made me a woman. When I was younger I thought I’d want to be a mom but then over time I really wasn’t sure, and now I’m blessed to be a mother and been granted the opportunity to experience pregnancy. Trust me I had complications and my doctor didn’t even think I’d be able to become pregnant but that is one great benefit of being a woman.

Well I have to focus on some homework…


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