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Motivational Monday – Mistakes are a platform to propel you for the future

I hope all are well and enjoyed your weekend – I had to make sure my little one’s pre-cold didn’t turn for the worse – I can’t really be out for sick days. Today I started my second class for the spring semseter and it will be an interesting course for it is on equity particular to the STEM industry. It will also be an INTENSE and very busy course so between it and my other two courses I’ll be quite a busy reader/writer.

While searching for motivational quotes I came across this on pinterest(it is repinned on my board):
mistakes Quote

Individuals can’t truly reach their dreams if they are constantly reflecting on their past mistakes. I mean some of the beneficial inventions in our society wouldn’t of come into existence if the inventor hadn’t pushed past their failures. Think about how our society would be without the digital phones.. could you imagine carrying the original cell phone nowadays 🙂

As a single parent we can’t harbor on what got us in our current situation but focus on the future and how to be the best parents for our children. Man if I wasted time dwelling on my life mistakes I wouldn’t be trying out the different ways to make memories or cooking options. I basically see it as you personally placing a “boot” on your abilities – and it can’t be released until you forgive yourself (and others) for the mistakes and start moving for new experiences. Take time today to let go of your past and focus on the present to propel you for your dreams being achieved in the future!

Thirty Days of Love – Day 6

The card Asian Inspired Boudoir Woman was posted on etsy yesterday but it best represents my self-love for the day. I love how I appreciate cultures and constantly try to become aware of other cultures. I try to embrace our society as the “melting pot” and treat everyone with respect. I see differences as a way to learn more and embrace a different perspective. I am also aware that I still have some biases and try to honestly halt before I make assumptions or think negatively. As a parent I try to teach my kids to be the same way – I encourage them to have diverse group of friends and to be respect to all. The card draws in on my love for the Asian culture through utilization of Asian silk.

So how is your love challenge going? What are your thoughts of the motivational image for today?


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