Fab Findings

Fab Five Fridays



It’s Fab Five Fridays! I have to say with the Thirty days of Love challenge and starting this concept really made me open my eyes when I was out and about.. I want to apologize for not posting anything yesterday BUT it was the first day of spring semester for me and my youngest returned to her weekly dance class.. As you know I’m different from most bloggers since I post later in the day so sometimes that habit bites me in the tush… I would like to create posts prior to the live date BUT I doubt that will happen.. what can I say life of a mom/student..

Anywho – Today I had got to attend the Athens Schoolhouse Antique show which happens once a month.  With this only being the first day of classes I haven’t been bombarded with assignments so I seized the opportunity and went on a hunt for antique laundry items.  While there I came across some items which I’ll highlight in some Fab 5 Fridays… I can say if you are looking for antique furniture/dishes/jewelry this place rocks – I plan on going back especially when I work on my bedroom.

1 – Vintage artistic burlap piece – I was looking for some vintage fabric to try that embroidered fabric quote I highlighted in last week’s fab 5 and my eyes spotted this burlap piece.  The colors go well with my kitchen and has that earthy quality that I love so going to figure out a way to make it a wall hanging… I will take suggestions!

2- Quoted Glass Plate – While out picking up supplies for valentine crafts I saw this glass plate in the Michael’s dollar bins.  I love the quote – “Stop and Smell the Roses” – we have to take each day and embrace it’s offerings.  From the perspective of the challenge, I adore my ability to stop when things are chaotic and just embrace time with family.. I learned a long time ago – the work will still be there after taking a break.

3 – Wooden school-themed figurines – The antique show has vendors spaced out all over the school so walking into the gym and I saw this quirky thing.  I didn’t buy it for I wouldn’t have anywhere but it would look very cute in a kid’s room or daycare.  Love the fact the girl’s chalkboard has math on it!

4 – Vintage Valentine Card – The same vendor I bought my burlap from had various vintage valentines and they were only $2… part of me is considering going back over the weekend to buy a few cause they would look adorable on cards.. Unique aspect was the valentines were  small open/close cards which we rarely see nowdays… hmmm has a thought going on…

5 – Americone Dream mini pint – With my new fitness/eating regimen, I’m only going to have a major bad day 🙂 So my decision was to try this flavor and BOY was it on the $.  The caramel and waffle cone had a lovely taste as it melted in my mouth.. Yummy and the best thing about B&J is they provide you the mini-spoons so you can just dig in.

Did you enjoy my fab 5 for the week?



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