Motivation & Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom – Be Who You Are


I came across this quote image while searching on Pinterest and it aligns with my Thirty Days of Love Challenge.  As you remember I mentioned how I want to embrace self-love and this quote aligns with that concept.  No matter how weird or random you can be maintain those qualities for that is what makes YOU!  I believe that people will value you more when you stay true to your qualities – never change just to find love or gain a friend.  Because at the end of the day they don’t value your real worth!

Thirty Days of Love – Day 2

20130109-213827.jpg The card for the day has a rustic quality with the earthy colors and I just love the bead dangling from the middle.  You can check it out on my Etsy site.  Today I realized how much I LOVE my hair — that it is  all my natural texture style.  I’ve been natural for several years with short crop, two-strands, dreadlocks, and now just natural waves or twists.  There are times that I don’t feel like dealing with it BUT thankfully there are scarves for me to tie over my head 🙂  While untwisting it this morning and saw a few gray hairs – STRESS from school and my kids.. but I’m okay with it.



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