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Thirty Days Of Love Challenge

20130108-192858.jpg While preparing my 2013 Vision and goals, I reviewed what I desired over the past five years and figured out that I said “Find out who Maranda is”, “Reflect on what makes Maranda”, or “Determine what passions I have”.  Although over the years I did really figure out what defines me, I haven’t really fallen in love with myself and typically give all my love to others.  WELL I have proclaimed that 2013 is the year of self-love because I know that a deeper relationship with myself increases my happiness and confidence to be a world-changer!

With Valentines day coming around the bend the idea popped in my head – how about you focus the next thirty days on Love for you and others.  Take time to embrace the holiday and the concept of unconditional love, daily show compassion to others and myself, and increase my creativity by making “love” cards to retail or give to important people in my life.

I know your wondering – “How will this affect the blog?”  Well the challenge won’t modify the blog at all – it will actually encourage me to post daily interweaving love within the daily themes.  For example, the next few “Fab Things” will inspire me to search for items related to love.

Another question you could be pondering – “How does the challenge relate to single parents?”  Hmmmm — no matter how it happens single parents continually question their worth and if others love them.  We know that our children love us most of the time BUT from experience, we can worry if something is wrong with us to be single parents.  So maybe this challenge will inspire single parents to also perform self-love and become happy with their present situation.

Day One of Love

  • I made the card you see pictured above using my favorite color as the background piece – purple.  The whimsical aspect made me reflect on how much I love doodling.  If you look through my notes you will see some form of a doodle.. just the other day during church I doodled symbols relating to the main concepts our pastor highlighted.  So from a self love aspect – I embrace my whimsical side be it in doodling or just how I approach situations.  

All of the cards will be posted on the  etsy account —

Knowing this is the first day, I’m just going to ask what do you think about the concept?  Do you love yourself or do you need to take on this challenge?  I look forward to the comments.


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