What Is Cooking?



My last new weekly post will stem around my passion for food and cooking (LOL – I’m trying to lose weight this year).  I’m not the one that can throw together random ingredients and form a meal – like my heroes on Chopped.  Instead I like finding recipes that seem interesting, healthy and the kicker appeals to my children’s stomachs.    Wanting to add variety to our weekly menu and experience recipes I have stocked away in a folder.. I hope to try at least two new recipes and then post how they went.

Only one item is on the plate this week and that is – French Breakfast Muffins which can be found here.  I recently started using Pinterest (I know I’m late in the game) and this was on one of the boards I follow.  The muffins were pretty good and we had enough for leftovers during the school week.  I served them with boiled egg, fruit, and turkey sausage links(for the girls).

Menu is made for the upcoming week and I’m going to attempt to make a pasta and vegetable frittata, bean fajitas, and a hash brown breakfast casserole.

So I want to know what is cooking in your house?


Sidenote — I do plan on linking my Pinterest at some point this week so others can follow my boards.

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