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Wednesday Wisdom – Happy with Present Life as Focused on the Future

My morning devotional today (by Joyce Meyer) was focused on dreams and how we can’t let them slip through the cracks.  In the devotion there was statement that stood out- “Learn to enjoy where you are on the way to where you’re going”.  I’ve been stewing over this statement all day today – even though we have dreams we need to be happy with the present life as we are focused on the future life.  

From personal experience it is easy for us to be SO focused on the future that we aren’t even happy/content with what we currently have.  You know we dream of a particular job and don’t make the most of our present job.  Or have a dream home but don’t make your present home welcoming.  The question becomes – how can you be trusted with a new item if you don’t treat the present item properly.  How can you be blessed with a new car if your current car is constantly dirty and never maintained.

These words of wisdom are very applicable with the new year – we all have dreams and goals but are you happy with your current state.  Primary example – I say that I’m hopeful for a clean, organized, decorated home but yet in still I have clutter especially in my front room :).  SO my initial mission is to be happy with my home by decluttering and making sure things are put up.  Once this is done I can begin to decorate while maintaining the cleanliness.

What are your thoughts on this statement?

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