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To everything there is a season…Turn Turn Turn

As I was looking through my fb thread this morning I saw a daily devotion reference to Ecclesiastes 3 which led me to read the entire chapter.  As reading the words, I was quickly reminded of a classic  song by The Byrds – Turn! Turn! Turn!  Sidenote – the song is primarily the words from this biblical chapter put to music.

Perfect timing of this devotion since it is the last day of 2012.. what an interesting year for me and my girls.  Naturally the most impactful event of our year was the move so I could embark on a new chapter for my life.  I want to say I’m grateful for all that events (good/bad) that occurred over the year and hopefully I learned from them and they made me a stronger person.

With a new year most people take time to resolve changes they want to make – you know the familiar ones – workout more, quit smoking, go somewhere.. etc.  I actually started a new process a few years back where I write out my visions and goals rather than resolutions.  I take a few days to think about who I envision to be or dreams I want to achieve over the course of the new year.  Naturally while I’m writing out my vision I take things seriously and select items that are attainable and realistic.  Ironically, over the past years what I envision does actually take place!  Some prime examples

  • 2012 – said I would be in a doctoral program and I started at University of Kentucky in the fall.
  • 2009 – said I hoped for my family to increase  and I was blessed with my second daughter – just didn’t have the husband thing work out 🙂

For 2013, I have quite a few visions which are educational and personally based and stemmed from some of my dreams/bucket list items.  Just like the song and biblical text states there is a time for things and 2013 is going to be an impactful year for me.  I’ve experienced my time of bad things and I’m focused on a positive year that opens doors for achieving my dreams and purpose.  I’m a firm believer that people always need to be held accountable so they can be put back on track whenever they get sidetracked or lazy 🙂  One of my accountability partners is one of my best buds butI’m going to try something new and let my blog readers take on some responsibility — we will see if this works!

Key Areas I envision for 2013

  • Education – I want to impact the adult education arena by guiding other educators on how to decrease math anxiety within adult learners.  I have a few ways I aim at achieving this but one  is getting  published in professional/practitioner journals.  Additionally I want to maintain good grades in doctoral courses 🙂
  • Health – I’m focused on completing my first half-marathon.  I’ve already been training but determined to up my game which will also force me to monitor my food intake and weight loss.
  • Personal – I love to travel and try new things so going to plan a couple family vacations and be open to new adventures/experiences.  On this note, I’m focused on deepening love for myself, family/friends, and others I come in contact with.
  • Home – I’m SOOOO tired of all the clutter in my home and it being blah.. so mission is to organize and decorate our place to reflect who and what makes us.

So what do you envision for 2013… take the time to plan things out and remember make it realistic.  Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve!!

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