First semester is done…

Last week was finals week for me – thankfully all of my classes had final assignments based on papers.  I just saw my grades and I got 2 A’s and 1 B.  It could have been all A’s if I had taken one final assignment a tad bit more serious.  

It feels good to have one semester under by belt and now at least 5 more semesters of coursework left.  In order  for me to complete my coursework on time I will have to take some summer courses so that accounts for the extra semesters.  

I’ve a little bit of time to reflect on the semester and there are definitely some modifications I have to make for the spring… 

  1. Time allowance for projects – I would try to start early on projects but with girls/work/other assignments some things would be cranked out at the last minute.  I know that I can be a procrastinator so I tried being proactive but in the spring I have to do better.
  2. One down day a week – I will admit that on the weekends I would sometimes DROP the ball on my assignments.  I would try to make weekends for the girls but would get so relaxed that I wouldn’t really focus on assignments.  Thankfully my classes were setup to where I’d have daytime to do assistantship and studying so evenings that I didn’t have class could focus on girls and then when they went to bed study.  Honestly closer to the end of the semester I got in a great routine of working on assignments once they laid down till midnight and then go to bed OR go to bed when they did and wake up earlier to crank out my work.  
  3. It’s okay if not supermom – I was determined that our new schedule and location wouldn’t take away from me being a mother.  But I realized that at times it’s okay if supermom makes mistakes, does a shortcut meal versus big meal, says no to some requests from the girls.  Over the break I’m going to look into using my crockpot more so for those weeks that I have big projects done I can focus on my assignments versus cooking.

I know my spring semester has three intense courses so these modifications will really come in handy.  In addition to my course load – I’ll also be working on 2-3 research projects and potential papers to submit for future conferences/publications.  So I will have to be on my A-Game!

Another great aspect of the semester was I submitted my first manuscript to a practitioner-based journal.  I won’t hear anything until March 2013 but I can say one is under my belt and I hope to work on others over the spring.  

Well I have some research project work to do… even though my fall classes are done for the semester I still have items to complete before spring semester starts….


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