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Motivation In A Cup – Be Spontaneous


When I bought this cup back in August, I never thought it would give me inspiration. I’m hoping you can see there are tons of words/phrases that make the cup – they are like bucket lists items people should achieve. Over the next few weeks I’m going to highlight one of the phrases and point out how it inspires me, and I hope my readers can apply the phrase to their life. In addition to writing about the phrase, I will try to post my gratitudes for the day since its the month of Thanksgiving.

The phrase that struck my eyes yesterday was – “be spontaneous”. As a parent you always have to think on the fly and be creative for meals, outfits, or just handling situations. I can say that our fun events are sometimes planned out but typically I think of things spontaneously…I know some would say that’s a quality they like to have while others don’t. As I’ve gotten older my spontaneous living has decreased since I do have to take my girls into consideration.

So yesterday I had to figure out what I’d have for my “eat in class” meal.. lingering in my freezer has been a few pieces of ravioli that needed to be cooked, in the refrigerator was a little alfredo sauce and a little spaghetti sauce, and I just had bought a green giant veggie mix… I initially was going to just fix basic ravioli with spaghetti sauce BUT I thought what the heck let’s try ravioli with alfredo sauce with the veggies… Can I say it turned out real good.. I ate it all and didn’t even hesitate between bites! Check out the picture that I took right before the last bite….

I will leave on this note – every now and then you have to be spontaneous to add some variety and excitement to your daily routine. How does this phrase relate to your life?

Love ya,

The PhD Single Mom

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