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Motivation In A Cup – Show Compassion


When I bought this cup back in August, I never thought it would give me inspiration.  I’m hoping you can see there are tons of words/phrases that make the cup – they are like bucket lists items people should achieve.  Over the next few weeks I’m going to highlight one of the phrases and point out how it inspires me, and I hope my readers can apply the phrase  to their life.  In addition to writing about the phrase, I will try to post my gratitudes for the day since its the month of Thanksgiving.

The phrase that truly hit me today was – “show compassion”.  I had the opportunity to attend a conference these past couple of days in Las Vegas.  Today while walking around the strip a weird occurrence happened that really made me think on my caring nature.  As you know tons of people dress up in costume wanting tourist to take pictures make $.  Well there was a homeless guy who was asking people for spare change… a man that walked by him said “Hell no why don’t you be like everyone else and get a costume”… OMGoodness I wanted to say some choice words to that jerk… It wasn’t like the man wanted bills but asked for spare change.. I told the man I didn’t have any change on me but I’m sorry someone talked to him in that manner and good blessings to him.  It hurts my spirit to know people can be so cruel and not empathize with others…Even though we don’t know the circumstance that led for the gentleman being homeless or even if he was homeless – you can at least be considerate and say nothing or say I don’t have anything to give.

I will leave on this note – I’m grateful that I have a compassionate spirit and try to be nice to anyone I come in contact with.  I know that this compassionate spirit can get me in trouble or possibly allow me to be taken advantage of.. but it is the only way I can be.  I think about it as if would I want someone to be evil to me if I was in need?  Heck no – so I try to treat others as I desire to be treated…

How does this phrase relate to your life?

Love ya,

The PhD Single Mom

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