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Motivation In A Cup – Dream Big


When I bought this cup back in August, I never thought it would give me inspiration. I’m hoping you can see there are tons of words/phrases that make the cup – they are like bucket lists items people should achieve. Over the next few weeks I’m going to highlight one of the phrases and point out how it inspires me, and I hope my readers can apply the phrase to their life. In addition to writing about the phrase, I will try to post my gratitudes for the day since its the month of Thanksgiving.

The phrase that struck my eyes today was – “dream big”. Im on my way to vegas for a conference that Im leading a roundtable discussion on my passion topic – math anxiety. I thought about how Im working on this degree I’ve realized there are quite a few dreams I hope to achieve over these next few years. And it has lit a fire to go after them.

Regarding these dreams I can honestly say I’m grateful to have a head full of dreams..that I will always try to cross them off so that my girls see how we are to live.

Are you chasing your dreams and are the grandious?


The PhD Single Mom

Love ya,

The PhD Single Mom

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