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Motivation In A Cup – Fall In Love


When I bought this cup back in August, I never thought it would give me inspiration.  I’m hoping you can see there are tons of words/phrases that make the cup – they are like bucket lists items people should achieve.  Over the next few weeks I’m going to highlight one of the phrases and point out how it inspires me, and I hope my readers can apply the phrase  to their life.  In addition to writing about the phrase, I will try to post my gratitudes for the day since its the month of Thanksgiving.

The phrase that struck my eyes today was – “fall in love”.  I can honestly say that I’ve be fortunate to fall in love more than once in my life – physically and spiritually.  The most important love of my life is  God.  I was raised in the church due to me being a preacher’s kid but I truly developed this relationship as I got older  since I had to fully rely on God to carry me through some rough points.

The next important loves in my life are my children…I never expected to be a mother for doctors told me it was a slim chance so I’m beyond belief grateful that God allowed me to become a mother to two girls! Although I’m a single parent I wouldn’t change anything for motherhood is a wonderful gift and I’m honored to be one.

I can admit that even though I’m a single parent, I’ve experienced  “soul-mate” love and it turns out to be my longest relationship.  It’s actually my oldest daughter’s father and we’ve known each other since our high school days.  Even though we weren’t able to work out as a “couple” will are committed to our friendship and will always have each others back.  That’s one thing I can say about any of my ex’s..I try to end on a good note so that we can remain friends..(there are a few that I couldn’t for they urked me so much)…

Even though I haven’t found my Mr. Right yet, I’m not assuming I won’t ever.  I’m open to falling in love just not really out there searching for it.  It’s completely different when you have children for you have to be mindful of how their feelings are involved.  The person has to be right for ALL not just you.  Besides that I quite honestly don’t have time for experimenting with a relationship for my focus is my children and my classes.

I will leave on this note – I’m grateful to have experienced love and that I at least tried more than once and wasn’t closed to the opportunity.  I’m also grateful that most of my relationships end as friendships.  How does this phrase relate to your life?  Does it motivate you to try to fall in love?

Love ya,

The PhD Single Mom

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