What’s Cooking: Oven baked Omelet



So yesterday during my downtime moment I saw the Barefoot Contessa cooking an Omelet for Two.  It looked good and it was definitely on my list of things to make… yeah it was our “BRINNER” for today!

I didn’t do what Contessa did for my kids don’t like onions nor jalepenos.  But I put in potatoes(frozen Oreida hash browns), turkey bacon, orange tomatoes from the farmers market, and some shredded cheese.  We had cinnamon rolls and orange juice with it.  OMG it was good and a hit with my girls.  And just like Contessa had said in the clip much easier than making individual ones and hoping they don’t get cold.

I know I’ve been missing for a minute but let me just say school is pretty busy with assignments and work.  All I can do is try to post but don’t be mad if I’m absent for a bit… I have been trying recipes so hopefully I’ll get them up soon.  I will update the family fun page over the weekend for there are some upcoming family things to do…

Have a great day!


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