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Market Goodies & Donuts & Art

Today was a busy day – reading event, market, watch an art mural being done by Herakut, fall/winter shopping, and checked out latino festival..

We checked out the Carnegie Learning Center Early Reader program (FREE) and the girls had fun.. craft, snacks, read the book, and even bring home a copy…The next one is in October so I’ll keep you posted so you can register if you have young ones…

While my oldest was at her creative art practice(dance/vocal/drama).. me and little k went to the farmer’s market.



  1. Spaghetti Squash $1.25
  2. Cabbage $2.75 – I’m going to make some coleslaw tomorrow using a recipe without mayo
  3. Peaches – gonna freeze these $2.35
  4. Potatoes – $3.50
  5. Yellow Squash – $1
  6. Tomato $1
  7. White Wine cheese spread $6

There are some green beans in the picture but I can’t remember how much I paid for them.. We got at the market later in the day which I thought we’d get slim pickings but it wasn’t that bad.. There weren’t as many vendors as what we see in the morning time but it doesn’t matter for I got what I needed.

In addition to my veggies I got some fall decor for our kitchen table – waxed gourds..the little ones were $1 and the big one was $2… combined with a charger plate I picked up from Michaels for $1… I’m working on another fall decor item which hopefully can post up later this week…And I might have to get some more smaller gourds next weekend — what do you think:



After leaving the market we had the pleasure of trying North Lime Coffee & Donuts, a new donut place close to our home, at the same time of watching German artist duo – Herakut paint a mural… Pretty awesome experience and the donuts were a hit.. Definitely have to check them out earlier so can get a taste of their square glaze donut.




More Ramblings Later..

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