Motivation & Wisdom

Wisdom Wednesday: Success based on You

Amazing I’ve been in classes for four weeks and now the assignments are in full swing.  I was talking with a classmate this morning on how you have to plan your assignments out and break them into smaller assignments so you don’t get overwhelmed.  I know others are surprised that I quit my full-time job to be a full-time student..but I know that is the only way I can be successful at earning my doctoral degree.  So naturally when I was looking for some wisdom for the day I came across:

I have to say that Real Simple’s Daily Thought is an excellent source for inspiration and wisdom!

We control if we will complete a goal or not — the key thing to remember is you have to like it.  Many of times I’ll make a goal of something and never reach it for it really wasn’t the goal for me.  Typically it was something I had to tackle for work or a hurdle I had to climb so that a main goal would be fulfilled.    You also have to like yourself and realize you are worth the goal being achieved.  If you take on this attitude each day then you bit by bit you will complete the goal.



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