Motivation & Wisdom

Are you aiming for Excellence?

I’m sorry I haven’t posted.. but my youngest turned 3 today… so the past couple of days have been aimed at ensuring she has a great small party with family and friends. We actually did go to the market but nothing special was purchased… Also my classes are in full swing now so I will aim at posting daily but no guarantees and don’t be surprised if they are at odd moments.

Motivation time:

Saw this and I thought — am I’m striving for EXCELLENCE? Now nobody is expected to be perfect but you can aim for doing your best… Each and everyday I try to complete all my tasks for the day by putting my best foot forward.. but I also realize if it doesn’t get done it’s okay for I can attempt to tackle it the next day.

As single parents we ALWAYS want to go that extra mile… just keep focused and never give up. A good friend reminded me today to keep pushing and remember the end result. In your hard moments or those days you feel unsure.. keep pushing and strive for EXCELLENCE!


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