Typical Meal With a Twist







Lasagna with a twist = Lasagna Cupcakes!  I saw this recipe awhile back and got the chance to make it last night with great success.  The recipe comes from the Cupcake Project and I choose the tear noodles option.  We all know that your favorite meals can get boring so this recipe allowed me to try something new that I know my girls love.  My children LOVE pasta meals so I was worried how they would respond but they LOVED  it..

Now I made a substitution – rather than ricotta cheese I used cottage cheese.  The main reason for this was because I had a GREAT coupon which made it way cheaper than ricotta.  I smashed the cottage cheese with some parmesan and a pizza cheese blend to give it a more ricotta flavor.  I actually couldn’t tell a difference.  Also I made more noodles that I needed so made a side lasagna casserole which we will have for our Saturday lunch/dinner.

Before I make these again, I will have to invest in another muffin pan and more reusable cupcake liners for two wasn’t enough for my oldest.    Here is a view of my second cupcake..

20120906-164853.jpgMore Rambling Later…


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