Motivation & Wisdom

Wisdom Wednesday – Impossible with a new meaning


Just when I realized I needed to post something I got this in my Facebook thread from Real Simple(links take you to direct page).

How appropriate for me — I have tons of assignments due within the next two weeks and I have to remember nothing is impossible.. I have to breath and tackle one assignment at a time…

On a different note, I had the pleasure of becoming part of a think tank group composed of other doctoral students and faculty within all of the departments in the college of education.. I like this for you think of a project/item you want to launch and then you are held accountable for it.. As well when you present it you can get feedback and support… I have something I want to launch related to my upcoming presentation in November… so I now have a date that things need to be basically completed by so I can “launch” and later today I will start making out my to-do list to achieve everything… see nothing is Impossible!!

What are your thoughts on this quote?

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