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Tip Tuesday: Proper Planning

So I’ve officially been to all of my classes at least once.. and by next week I have a few readings, a stats assignment, and a paper.  After my class earlier, thought how I should provide tips on proper planning…

I’m a lists person that likes to check things off so I know that I’ve been successful at completing tasks.. but I’ve also had tendecies of procrastination.. which over the past year has slowly diminished for I realized how it hurts you in the end – you have rushed to work on something and by the time complete you are drained.  With having a few night classes, I have to truly manage my time so that me and the girls have quality time.  As well I have non-course tasks that need to be tackled in appropriate timing.

So something I’ve been doing which helps tremendously(as long as I stick to it) is to break my main tasks into smaller tasks.  I have 3 main lists which are my Monthly Goals, Weekly Goals, and Daily Goals.  At the beginning of the month I think about what I’d like to tackle for the month, then each week I focus on tasks that will aide in fulfilling the monthly goal.  Each day I try to tackle one of those tasks… IMPORTANT — don’t beat yourself up if a task doesn’t get accomplished for there is always the next day.

So how can proper planning and making smaller tasks help you being successful in college/school?  I just take the assignment and break it into smaller tasks.  For example, I have to earn a training certificate by mid-September.  In order to earn the certificate you have to read modules, take a quiz and submit scores.  I took these as my mini-tasks and will knock them out until the assignment is complete and not RUSH.

Do you have special methods you utilize when planning?


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