Motivation & Wisdom

Motivational Monday

Do you ever question how much you can bear?  Or when you are adding another to-do list item do you wonder if you can take anymore?

This quote let’s you know that you can!  I came across this today as I was taking a quick break from my assistantship work and studying.  I haven’t even started my other two classes and realize I have a good amount of work for one class.  Tons of reading but also rewriting my notes so easier to read..  with in the back of my mind realizing how much reading/work I will have for the others.. OVERWHELMING!!

BUT here is the good news — I know that I can do it!  That I was made for this load and because of my past experiences I have the ability to handle whatever comes my way.  Reckon when I was created, I was formed with the gift of flexibility and talent of juggling(LOL).. We always have to remember that we know our limits and we have to speak up  when we can’t handle more.  At the same time we can’t let fear be the reason for not pursuing a dream or tackling a goal.



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