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Lessons Learned After First Day of Classes.

Just so you know my words of wisdom is tied in with this post so this is it for the day…

So I started one of my classes today – Research Design & Analysis in Education – basically statistics related to multiple regressions. Class was overview of the syllabus and in-depth discussion on our assignments and topics being covered. Our professor is really nice and seems to truly want to know his students. When I said my name and interesting fact – he was like “your middle name is very unique do you mind me saying it aloud”; I immediately said no but after class we talked and he understood… SIDENOTE – I like my middle name but it doesn’t flow like my sisters’ or daughter’s names… Hence why I typically just go with the initial… I can say this class will be demanding but thankfully we have option of doing partner assignments and redos if we need them. As well my class is small and has quite a few first year doc students.. My table partner is a first year as well just in a different area of education and from California…

After my class, I went straight to the classes I’m helping for my assistantship. I will be helping my assistantship coordinator with 2 different classes in addition to aiding on a few of her research projects. I sat in both classes today and will probably do that for the semester unless if she states otherwise. The classes are math education focus so it will expand my knowledge since I didn’t take any education classes during my undergraduate years…

I didn’t get to eat my lunch until me and the girls walked in the door… for literally I was in the classroom and a quick meeting.. which is totally cool with me for I had a strong breakfast with the girls and didn’t really pay attention to it until I was about to leave campus. Speaking of the lunch I made it was a new recipe I tried from The Poor Chef’s book Eat Cheap but Eat Well. I whipped together the Mediterranean Chickpea Pasta Salad on page 136 – now with me taking it as a lunch on campus I reduced the amounts and naturally didn’t use measurements… If you want the detail recipe let me know but here is the picture…

20120822-162313.jpgI liked it alot and will definitely make it again… I put my lettuce in once I was going to eat it so it would wilt while I was in class…

So I got blessed with another little study area so that I can do my work and study.. it is a space with other residents but I’ll have a place to store items and not worry about lugging it all over the building at the same time… My first spot is a room right near my supervisors office but can’t keep items there like this new one.  I’m so very grateful for my supervisor finding it for me…

Now after this first day, there are a couple things I’ll have to modify so that all runs smoothly

  1. Lunch – On the days that I have assistantship classes and my own morning class(which will just be Wednesday) I will have to pack something quick to eat.. Although today’s lunch was just about ready to go.. it was something I’d have to sit down to eat..
  2. Purse – I gotta find something smaller than my current purse.. Yeah it isn’t fun to carry food, books, laptop, and purse around the buildings… Now I will still carry books/laptop but really don’t need everything in my purse… Thankfully with the new spot I can store my lunch there until I need it…  And boy am I grateful stats is the only class that has a textbook 🙂
  3. Rethink time to leave campus – I am blessed that my father is going to pick the girls up when I have night class BUT today I felt rushed leaving campus to pick them up.. so I might have to think about him doing it one extra day  – the days that I have class..

My lessons gained from the day just remind me that you ALWAYS have to be adaptable to change and WILLING to adjust… You have to know what will make things run smoother and how to modify your life so that it works.

Well I have assistantship work to do, dinner to make, and studying to perform…


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