Tip Tuesday: A Load a Day

To prevent wasting one day of laundry try doing a load a day.  I typically place a load in the washer after the girls go to sleep and then it goes in the dryer right before I hit the bed.

Now I know for some this isn’t possible due to lack of appliances in home, times that you work, or not a laundry person… WELL

  • try to pick a different time to do a load
  • slowly get in the mode of doing laundry
  • make sure that your loads are arranged appropriately so that you don’t waste time while at the laundromat.

Prior to us moving to Lexington, I did laundry once a week since we didn’t have a washer/dryer in our home… but I tried to make sure my loads were properly sorted as well I tried to extend the load as much as I can (better known as – have enough clothes to last you longer)

I have a goal of making this routine SMOOTHER but I’ll need to organize the rooms and figure out a better transition first!

Do you have any laundry tips you’d like to share?

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