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Strategy Sundays: Complete Projects

Merriam-Webster defines strategy as “a careful plan or method”, so Strategy Sundays is a way to encourage you to take a small moment of time to plan out your week, get focused for whats ahead, and achieve a goal(either big or small).

Summary of Last Week – Thankfully last week I got our family routine narrowed down so that our bedtime and morning isn’t chaotic.  For the most part everything went okay.. I do know that I can’t do detailed breakfast recipes for I felt completely rushed..The girls’ school needs were finalized but I have some outstanding needs for my school items..BUT can’t do anything until my financial aid kicks in (so trying my patience).

It’s that time – my classes start this week… I can’t believe my new journey officially starts.  Tomorrow I start my assistantship and then classes start on Wednesday.. so I really will be focused on developing my personal/daily routine.  But before I can fully get in the grove I need to wrap-up some projects which is my focus strategies for the week:

  1. Clear out my home office area – I finally built my new desk earlier today (YEAH)… but I have to get rid of the clutter that built up while I had the temporary desk.. which then means I can finally unpack boxes that I wasn’t able to reach since the temp desk was in the way.  So my first main goal for the week is to clean up that area and that’s it.. Let’s hope it doesn’t make me stray into decorating…
  2. Finish decorating/craft projects – I have two projects I’m working on for the girls room which SO have to be wrapped up.. I might have to extend the decoration of the girls’ room out to mid-September since I have a couple more things to do for them which is okay.. But these two things have to be done before I do anything else..I have one outstanding craft item that isn’t related to my house that has to bone by Saturday as well.
  3. Develop daily class/routine – I know when my classes are but now I need to carve out my times to workout, study, and work.  The key to having success in any collegiate degree is to be organized and focused.  I know that studying won’t truly take place at home unless if my children are asleep SO I want to use my day wisely!  Thankfully last week while on campus I found me a study area but I do have to look for a spot that I can leave items in case I don’t want to take books home…

Do you have a strategy for the week?  If you want, post it in the comment section and then you will be held accountable (just like now I have to achieve mine)… and next Sunday we can mention how we did before making the new ones.

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