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Tip Tuesdays: Our PBBP Routine

The tip for this week relates to establishing a nighttime routine for your family. This is especially crucial since school starts back for most people in August. My youngest started yesterday while my oldest starts tomorrow.. We all have our nerves since this is a new school setting for everyone. Now I semi-started our routines a last week so that they got in the mode of going to bed on time, and this is works for your typical school nights.

Prep – I have my girls pick out their outfits for the next day (I actually help the youngest for she hasn’t mastered coordinating outfits yet) and lay them on their chairs.  My oldest also makes sure she has everything she needs for school in her backpack and semi fills her lunchbox – the items that don’t need to be chilled.

Bath – Bathtime is the next process which can really make me want to pull my hair out.  My children LOVE water so they want to stay in the tub and delays time for bed.  With me knowing this I typically start our routine earlier than required to cushion our time.  After the girls get out of the tub we proceed with brushing teeth and taking care of their hair.  While I do their hair we read books or just talk.

Bed – The girls say their prayers and to bed they go… LOL they typically don’t knock out till minutes later but I leave them alone.  I personally need to start the routine earlier to allow for this  goofing period which will definitely be my goal when my classes start.

Prep – As soon as I leave the girls, I do some more prepping for the next day.  I semi-arrange for our morning routine – any items I need to take with me are placed with their items and take out whatever I need in the kitchen to make breakfast time smoother.    Additionally, I take this time to plan out my next day (create my to-do list, confirm appointments), put a load in the washer/dryer, and if possible clean up a little bit.

I strongly promote designing a nighttime routine for your family!  Not only does it create consistency for your children, but the parent confirms their “quiet” personal time.  Now with me being in classes I adore this quiet time so that I can study or work on something that isn’t possible when they are awake.  You just have to be careful because you will get wrapped up in this personal time and then delay when you go to bed.. which can offset the morning routine.

Is there anything special you perform for your family nighttime routine?





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