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Motivational Monday – Be the Change…

Happy Monday!  Here is your motivational quote for the day:
When I first saw this image I thought of how LOVE is a agent of change.  If everyone loved one another rather than being nasty or spiteful to others how would our world be?  I personally try to be nice to everyone I interact with but trust me I have moments where I’m not.  Our actions eventually affect others without us even knowing it – like someone could of said something negative to a clerk and then that clerk’s attitude takes it out on a completely different customer, then that customer can take it out on someone on and so on….

A different perspective is how an brief thought or idea crosses your mind – do you act upon it or toss it out the door?  Where would our world be if the world changers of our society tossed their idea out the door… I don’t know about you but I’m grateful for those positive steps made when someone followed through on a thought..

When I was teaching students  last year and watching them have troubles with their anxiety and assignments.. I knew something had to be done for eventually these students would be teachers or parents and would I want their negativity about math passing on?  I started doing whatever I could to change their outlook and ability to handle mathematics… and I know of some where that impacted others they came in contact with and eventually it will pass onto others..

From a parental side, I’m constantly making sure my girls are happy and experiencing new things.  It might not affect them in the present BUT I pray that eventually it will impact their lives and eventually other lives.

Is there something you’ve thought about and know it will have a positive impact on your family, community, society?

What are you going to do act upon it OR toss it out?

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