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Farmers Market Chicken & Orange Beets


The featured plate today is our dinner plate where we had oven fried chicken strips, cheddar broccoli rice, and sweet orange beets.    The chicken and the beets are both part of my market goodies. I was asked to provide recipes to the foods I post so I’m giving this a shot.. Now I’m not really one with measurements unless if I’m getting the recipe from another source but I’ll work on including them (SORRY).

Oven Fried Chicken Strips

2 bone-in chicken breasts, 2 pieces of wheat bread (preferably the ends), 1 egg, flour, lemon pepper seasoning and salt

~ Cut the chicken from the bone and then cut strips.  I intended for nuggets but came out as strips (laughing at my mistake), and I used bone-in chicken breasts for it was cheaper.

~ Take the bread and put in blender/food processor to form crumbs.  I know other people use crackers but we don’t eat the ends in my house so I store them for bread crumbs when needed.

~ Place the flour and bread crumbs into individual sandwich bags (I use the ones we get lunch meat from the grocery deli).  Whisk egg in it’s own container(I added a little water to make it little thinner).

~Perform this process for strips:  shake in flour bag, dip in egg wash, shake in breadcrumbs bag, and place on baking sheet.

~ Bake strips for about 20 minutes at 350.  Goal is to get chicken cooked and whatever choice for the breading (my kids like crispy).

20120812-201246.jpg I got the beets last week and knew I needed to cook them but I had never cooked them before. After research I saw you could either bake or boil them to cook then use them however in your recipe. This is something I just kind of whipped together.

Sweet Orange Beets
orange beets, butter, cinnamon, syrup, orange juice, brown/white sugar
~ Rinse beets and wrap either individually or together in foil(I did together). Bake in oven for about 45 minutes at 375.
~ Once tender take out and rinse in cool water. Peel will come off with ease (I used my knife as an aide)
20120812-201221.jpgLook how bright the orange is before the sauce!
~ Slice the beets however thick or shape you desire.
~ In saucepan put orange juice, butter, cinnamon with beets and mix on medium heat.
~ Once bubbly add syrup and sugars.

Both girls ate the strips and LOVED them… I had extra strips left over which will either go in a school lunch or be a snack.  Now my oldest at first thought the beets were fried apples when she saw them on her plate and after her first bite she noticed they weren’t… and was like mom what did you create while completing all on her plate.  She ended up having two helpings and asked me to make them again.. so hopefully the market will have more.

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