Strategy Sundays: Back To School Time

Merriam-Webster defines strategy as “a careful plan or method”, so Strategy Sundays is a way to encourage you to take a small moment of time to plan out your week, get focused for whats ahead, and achieve a goal(either big or small).

Can you believe that all schools (k-12 and college) are starting back already?  I mean where did the summer go… I know that my summer was focused on moving, adjusting to Lexington, and having fun every now and then.    Well, “playtime is over”, and it’s time to get focused on mine and the girls education.  They both start school this week on two different days, while I have orientation this week since my classes don’t start till next week.

Majority of my strategies (aka goals) for the week are related to back to school which include:

  1. Establish our routine – in order to have a successful school year everyone needs some form of consistent routine.  You know it doesn’t just have to be about a schedule of things like how your mornings flow, but it could be you are going to do something particular each week.  For me its both – we will definitely need a morning/evening routine so that we all make it to school on time and I have time to focus on my studies.  In addition, I want to try something new this school year – we will definitely sit down and eat breakfast together!  Does this mean we have to wake up earlier – YES – but since I have a couple classes at night I want to make sure my girls see me and we can talk.
  2. Finish getting school needs– the girls just about have all of their school needs (special thanks to my family) and I’ll wrap them up by Tuesday.  But I don’t have my school needs in order which will be taken care of hopefully on orientation day (parking permit, id, wrap up financial aid – blah).
  3. Unpack/Decorate some more – I so need to build my desk that I finally purchased (i will definitely post about it) and semi-organize my mini office area.  As well I started some decorations for the girls rooms that I need to finish.  My long term goal is to have the girls’ room decorated by the end of the month but one project is going to take a minute so I’d like to wrap it up.

So there you have it – my main goals for the week – now I have several small tasks that I have to conquer but they aren’t going to die if not achieved by end of week.  Do you have a strategy for the week?  If you want post it in the comment section and then you will be held accountable (just like now I have to achieve mine)… and next Sunday we can mention how we did before making the new ones.

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