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What’s Cooking: Twist on Chicken


Tried a new recipe today with chicken being the main component.  As you know I don’t eat it BUT my girls do so I try to make them one meal a week with it in there.  I got the idea from the book Eat Cheap but Eat Well  by Charles Mattocks (aka The Poor Chef).  The actual entree is called Papaya Mango Chicken (page 21) and according to the book this meal cost $7 for serving four people.  I will say that it cost a little bit more due to my chicken.  The chicken was organic thighs from a local farmer in Georgetown named Elmwood Stock Farm.  This was the first time trying their chicken but it turned out pretty decent and they also carry turkey.

Now I didn’t have the funds for papaya(boy those bad boys are EXPENSIVE) and my girls aren’t fans of the fruit.  I substituted carrots and because I didn’t have cornstarch on hand I used flour instead.    Just a note mangoes truly are a delicious fruit and you can always get them at a decent price ($.70 – $1 each).

The sauce was GOOD and according to how they ate the chicken must of turned out okay.  It was a new twist on making the chicken and I will try it again… BUT my oldest requested that no mango on her plate for it didn’t taste right to her.

More Rambling Later…

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