Out with Old and in with the New

Today I got a new piece of technology to help with my educational journey – a Mac Air!!! In 2004, I purchased my own personal MacBook and it had it’s fair share of ups and downs over the years (had to replace the screen).. but it made it to MAC heaven and needed something new.  I have a tower at the house which has been my “bread -n-butter” for a minute BUT it isn’t portable and boy do I have problems with jump drives(constantly forgetting or misplacing it).. so after deep consideration I decided it’s time for another laptop..

It was funny cause when I went into the store I was focused on the ProBook but this little baby was calling my name (LOL)… and the rep wasn’t helping either.  The twist of the arm won and “Air” is my new friend.. Now my oldest was like “WOHOO” and I looked at her sternly and said “NO this is mommy’s  computer!  You and your sister can use the other one.”  She understood and knows how important my education is for me so there wasn’t any backtalk after my response.

Now “Air” is going to stay in it’s box until I get my case/sleeve for it… My birthday is coming very soon and I requested one so I can take it on campus.  In addition I have to get my student id so I can get the Mac version of office at a much cheaper price.  Which quite honestly that is a good thing since this week is pretty busy as I get the girls ready for school…

More Rambling Later…

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