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Family Fun Event Review: Artful Sundays – Magical Jewels

20120805-222338.jpgHow can I suggest for families to attend an event if I don’t attend them myself?? So I will try to review events/places that I know occur consistently.  We had the pleasure of attending the University of Kentucky Museum Artful Sundays this past weekend and for the most part was a success!

The first component of the event is a mini-tour of the exhibit associated with the theme.  Our visit was associated with the current exhibit Native American Weavings and Jewelry with the focus on beading.  The docent took the families to particular pieces allowing the kids to discuss thoughts on the piece (what their interpretation was) and then explained it further.  Now my oldest child liked this component but the toddler was restless (to be expected of a toddler).  I personally liked the mini-exhibit tour and actually plan on going back without the kids to get a better observation (being an art lover and all).

The main aspect of the event is an interactive craft which for us was for the girls to make their own form of beading.  My youngest made a bracelet and she was having fun searching through the bowls of beads.. my oldest made a beaded bookmark which is actually quite cool.  I appreciated the assistance of the volunteers making suggestions for the kids on keeping it artistic!

After the event the girls had fun walking through the sculpture garden which has plenty of interesting and interactive pieces.

We definitely plan on attending the next Artful Sunday, which take place every first Sunday of the month from 2 – 3:30.

More Rambling Later….

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