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Family Fun and Market Trip

Today was a doozy of a day and we’ve been going strong since 7 am.

It’s Saturday which means we go to the farmers market. This is one part of my budget I can’t seem to crack- like today I had taken so much with me but low and behold our favorite fresh ice cream was there so back to the car I go for more money :(. One great thing I like about the market is you can try new fruits/veggies at a decent price. So on today’s trip got a new form of squash,melon, and beets. The plan is to incorporate the new meals into recipes for the week so I’m sure I will post about them….

The highlight of our day was free admission to the Kentucky Horse Park for their Hats Off day. Since we moved here, I wanted to take the girls there but it isn’t cheap. We do have a coupon but free is better than discount off. They had so much fun – pony ride, a picture on a pony, free hat/shirt, a horse craft, and watched part of the grand prix horse competition. Despite the free items we did spend money on lemonade and a snack…but a great memory always outweighs the regret of spending!

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy there will be More Rambling Later




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