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Family Fun For a Low Price



We had the luxury tonight to see 5 different winged friends of our world and make a cool take home craft.  Not only was it educational but it was for a small donation fee if you desired!

You ask where?   We went to the Lexington Art and Science Center which is a non-profit organization.  Each month they have family discovery nights and this was the one for August.

My oldest was intrigued by the birds and even based her take away on the bald eagle we saw.  Educational moment – do you know how the bald eagle got it’s name???  We learned tonight that “bald” is the Old English word for white – so when the English settlers saw this bird they called it bald.


The balancing bird was our take away craft.

It’s not fair for me to learn about all of these free events and not share them SO I decided to create a page with a list of family fun places/events that people can participate in and SAVE money.  Now I don’t go out and hunt for these things but I have sites/resources that I once I get their permission I will list them on the resources page as well.

More rambling later…

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