Eggs in the what…


I’ve heard of this meal but haven’t really tried it. So as I figure out thrifty yet healthy meals for breakfast, I thought I’d give this a try. The name is so cute – Eggs in a Basket or others call it Eggs in a Hole…BUT my oldest was like Eggs in a What…she came to the table like mom what are you trying now…I replied with well it’s a spin of an egg sandwich.

Nothing major to it just take your bread – whatever kind you like- and cut a circle in the middle. I used one of our kiddie sized cups. I put butter in the skillet and put some on the bread (like a grilled cheese). bread in the skillet and them cracked my local egg and placed in the hole. Kept the pan on LOW heat so the bread doesn’t burn and egg cooks properly. Let egg cook and flip your bread and when finished voila nice little meal. As you see I partnered it with turkey bacon and fresh fruit(local).

Real quick, I try my hardest to buy fresh local foods at our farmer’s market. It does get pricey but I balance it out by coupons and sales from grocery. With my grandparents having their own farm that provides income its my duty to support other local farmers…:). I’ve been getting my eggs from the same farmer for over a year now when in season and miss them in the winter. They carry green eggs and for our order they try to put a few of them in cause they know how much excitement it gives my girls. When we picked up eggs last week they were sold out of dozen containers and gave me a half stating these are huge eggs..They weren’t fibbing cause when I cracked them much toy surprise there were two yolks(thats a busy chicken)…


More Rambling Later…

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