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Yummy in the tummy


Typically when we have fish for dinner I make our sides either rice/veggies or potato/veggies.  To save on buying multiple flavored rice packets I decided to experiment in creating my own cheddar broccoli rice side.  And the girls said it was Yummy in the Tummy!  I have to say it was quite good and made enough for a lunch leftover.

All I did was take some rice, frozen broccoli, and shredded mild cheddar and mix together with little butter and salt/pepper.  I cooked the rice and broccoli separately but I’m sure I could of cooked together.  Drained and then added the cheese and mixed..more cheese with butter/spices and mixed.

More Ramblings Later…

PS – I’m working on a craft project to share later in the week while I watch some olympics

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