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As you read in a past post, I’m decorating since this is our “home” for the next couple of years.  I wrapped up the bathroom and then saw a quote about butterflies that I wanted to put in the bathroom BUT wasn’t trying to spend a lot of money.  After doing some research I saw how someone created their own quoted canvas so naturally I wanted to make my own.  As you can see above it just about turned out good EXCEPT I have to fix some of the butterflies.  Here is the cost breakdown:

JoAnn’s – stickers and canvas $5; Home Depot – sampler paint $3; Michael’s – spray paint $3 = TOTAL of $11

The paint I got from Home Depot was enough to cover another canvas that I want to design for the girl’s room which is truly a GOOD deal.

I continue to perform some new recipes which will save us money.  Yesterday I made my own version of Hamburger Helper Chili Mac  and my oldest said it was good.  I didn’t get a picture of it but trust me she requested I make more at which point I will.  I can say that it alone only cost $8 and we had plenty of leftovers for the girls to eat later this week.  The spices made me spend a little bit more for I didn’t have them on hand BUT won’t be like that typically.

Tonight I made this oven-baked chicken recipe my oldest found when we shopped at Krogers.  Most know I don’t eat meat so I had a fake riblet while the girls had chicken.  I only made two breasts so had leftover breading which urked me to throw away… BUT if I make this again I will cook more breasts and freeze them or use as leftovers.

More rambling later…

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