Downsizing – the desk dilemma

When you make the decision to be a student full-time and not work you have to decrease expenses – for me that meant our place of residence. The logical thing to do would be to try getting family housing BUT we have a dog that has been with me since 1997 so not going anywhere until “Doomsday”.

After a long search (different story) I found a place that is about 10 minutes driving from campus, has 2 bedrooms, and took our pet. Naturally decrease in cost means decrease in size.. so prior to our move I had a moving sale and had to let go of my oldest daughter’s piano for I knew certain things that wouldn’t fit. I debated over my lovely desk that I purchased when I graduated with my first masters and landed my corporate job in Rochester, NY.. It is HUGE real wood and stained black and perfectly takes in majority of a wall.. My gut told me to sale it or be ready to store it cause just couldn’t envision where it would go…

Moving day came and it was CONFIRMED the desk wouldn’t fit anywhere in the house.. so now it is stored in our laundry room – 😦 and I have a make shift desk until I can figure out a desk scenario..


I need a desk to store papers and work at BUT I also can use a laptop and just have papers all over the place.. I know that I won’t put one in my room so the creative juices are churning and hopefully within these next weeks I’ll create one or purchase something for cheap..(In my mind I feel a trip to Ikea is necessary but have to save $)

Till my next rambling have a blessed day!

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