Let the Journey Begin…

In a matter of weeks it will be the first semester of my doctoral degree pursuit.. so when I woke up this morning I considered how I could document this new journey my girls and I would be taking.. yes I have a journal that I write in often but it’s personal and not really something I’d let friends/family read.. Then I said well my FB statuses will let people know.. but really you can’t write some long note on there so a blog was designed.. (it was also helpful that I already have one blog that talks about me and the girls for my non-fb people).

So you ask – what’s the new journey?

In the fall of 2011, while I was at a conference related to adult education it hit me that I truly wanted my PhD.  Now during this time I was working on my 2nd master’s in adult education (other degrees all relate to computer science) and man having a hard time juggling coursework, full-time job,  and being an engaged/involved mother of two young girls.  I talked things over with family/friends/advisor/God and took moments to really contemplate what I would be pursuing.. and decided yes I’m ready..

After research of options in potential universities/programs, I applied to four schools which by the way weren’t where we lived.  While waiting for the acceptance or denial letters, I then had to consider if I was going to work while taking courses or just be a student.  I can honestly say that wasn’t a hard decision to make for it wasn’t easy juggling and I so got tired of late nights and lack of sleep.

In May I made my decision just at the same time I got notifications.. I turned in my letter of resignation with the goal of us moving in July so that we’d have a month to transition and adapt to our new place of residence.  Needless to say, the past couple of weeks have been interesting which I’ll post about our adjustment while we wait for school to start..

Thanks for reading and more to come…


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